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Your Sleep & Your Weight

sleeping-manIn case you have not noticed we live in a “sleep deprived” world. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) says that 50-70 million Americans are experiencing some kind sleep or waking disorder. All kinds of chronic illnesses are taking their toll on our health. Hypertension, diabetes, obesity, depression are all connected to loss of sleep. (Actually that is the short list). Research is providing evidence that lack of sleep affects our hormone production which in turn affects our appetite. Basically, losing sleep can mean weight gain and can lead to obesity.

Here are some suggestions for helping you catch some zzz’s.

  1. Disconnect from your computer 1 hour prior to bedtime.
  2. Turn off your mobile phone 1 hour prior to bedtime.
  3. A cup of warm tea before bedtime is very relaxing.
  4. Avoid alcohol or caffeine.
  5. Going to bed and waking the same times daily.

If this list seems a little too overwhelming, baby step it. Choose one or two that you feel are right and then slowly integrate them all into you evening routine.