Emotional Health

emotional-compassEmotional Health – Your Emotional GPS..

Did you know you have an entire navigational system within your body? You probably know that it is there, but how often do you pay attention to it? Almost all of us can recall the child in the grocery store who is having a complete melt down because his Mother is not allowing him the toy or the food item he wanted.

When we are children we are in touch with our emotions. We easily express how we are feeling without pushing them down or repressing them.  But as we grow older we learn to hold these feelings inside our body.  We do not release them, instead we push them down further and further where they become stored and stuck energetically.

Eventually this energy that is stuck can manifest itself in disease. Our emotions are experienced both with our mind and body. If you take a moment to think about the birth or death of someone close to you, you will feel how this experience is netted together in both thoughts and feelings. These may be feelings of happiness, joy, grief, or sadness.  At times these feelings may become overwhelming for us to try to manage.  Enter Hypnosis, working with your subconscious mind.  Your emotions, impressions, memories; your past all reside in your subconscious mind. The most intelligent computer in the world, is your mind. Learning how to recognize our emotions is honoring our own body wisdom. The inner body is communicating to us important information. And just like the dashboard on your car that registers your fuel level, should you choose to ignore that signal, there are consequences to be paid.

All of us will take the time to stop at the gas station and refuel, because without the fuel our car will not go anywhere. Yet, how often do we ignore our emotions or try to bury them.  Sometimes we bury them with being busy or eating, shopping or alcohol.

There are so many other things we need to do, (we think)! There is a saying in hypnosis, that “what we resist, persists”. Whether that emotion is frustration, guilt, sadness, loneliness, grief or anger, they all have a special gift ….something important to tell you about you.